Лечење болести десни

gum disease treatment

Лечење болести десни

What is the treatment of gum disease in turkey?

Gum disease treatment starts with teaching you the appropriate tooth brushing and flossing techniques. The next step is the removal of inflammations on your teeth and on the root by your doctor. This is called curettage therapy. This process usually requires several appointments. After your treatment is over, if you clean your teeth and mouth, you can see that the redness and swelling of the gums disappear and your loose teeth cling to your jawbone better.


Monthly or quarterly check-up recommended depending how severe the condition It can treated with antibiotics and deep cleaning occasionally it is a long treatment and require time to treat properly another procedure include a small incision made in gum so it can be hold and scaling and root planning will then be performed. It includes soft tissue grafting, bone grafting and tissue regeneration.

Latest techniques

Flap surgery also said to be pocket reduction surgery used to treat the gum disease it is minimally invasive surgery to treat gum issues scaling and root planning will be done along with other some other available options.

Age limit

There is no age restriction in fact it is better to treat gum disease in early stages before it advances to periodontal disease and cause more harm to gum and teeth.

Treatment complications

Treatment depends on how advanced the inflammation is. Only in the ‘gingivitis’ stage provides high success in treatment. During the treatment, your dentist will clear your teeth from tartar and optimize your tooth brushing technique. The next dimension of responsibility is decreasing. Proper cleaning will restore the gums, pink. However, it is essential to start in a short time.

Recovery time or healing time

If the treatment done by the help of incision process healing time would be 2 or 3 weeks most people can resume their daily activities with proper care. One might feel more sensitivity which can be treated by using special toothpaste or gels.

It’s not a treatment which can be completely treated by one time indeed it require proper check-ups deep cleaning and good oral hygiene took keep your gums healthy and strong. In fact, it can’t be cured completely but can only be treated to some extent. Owing the oral health of individuals and their daily routine activities.      

People might feel pain and discomfort in the mouth. Swelling is also very common in gum disease treatment because the procedure requires a small incision surgery for scaling and root planning.

Side Effects

Poor oral hygiene mainly because of poor brushing which allow bacteria to build up on the teeth.

  • Might lead to extraction of tooth
  • Soreness appears on gums.
  • Bleeding Issues.
  • Pain in chewing.
  • Receding gums and Sensitivity in gums

It is required a small surgery or incision when choose the flap method sedated with numbing injection some clinics also use anaesthesia, but it is not that common. After the procedure pain killers will be provided to keep the effect of pain as low as possible.

Turkey Cost price:

It may be well over to $300-$500 depend on how severe the gum disease is. It’s not a treatment which can be done in 2 or 3 days you need to follow a proper check-up plan with your dentist.

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