Подизање лица

face lift

Подизање лица

Face lift, also known as „Rhytidectomy“ is a cosmetic surgery procedure.
In this procedure normally the excess facial skin is being removed and is being uplifted. It can also remove deep creases around the mouth and nose, and excess fat under the chin and in the neck to give a more youthful affect.

Under which anesthesia Facelift performed?

This surgery can be performed under general anaesthesia.

How long is Facelift procedure operation? 

Standard facelifts usually take 3-4 hours and may take up to six when combined with eyelid or brow surgery.

How many days need to stay in Turkey after Facelift?

 For this surgery our surgeons suggest to stay for 10 days in Turkey.

What to expect after Facelift Surgery in Turkey?

You may have drains to remove blood and fluid from operation areas. This will be removed during your hospitalization period. You’ll be encouraged to get out of bed and move around to help prevent blood clots forming in the veins of your legs.

You’ll have some scars, but these should mainly be hidden in your hairline. The scars will gradually fade over 12 to 18 months.

It’s normal to have some swelling and bruising after a facelift operation.

Your surgeon will prescribe you medications. 

It takes around 2 weeks to completely recover from a face lift. In this time the swelling is gone down and the stitches are also healed.

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