Смањење груди и подизање груди

Breast Reduction & Breast Uplift

Смањење груди и подизање груди

What is Breast Lifting?

Breast lifting also known as mestopexy is a plastic surgey procedure that raises and reshapes your breasts to give them a firmer, rounder look. The surgery also removes extra skin around your breast and reduces the size of your areola.

Weight fluctuation, breat feeding, gravity, pregnancy, all these external factors can make your breast saggy, droopy, flat and out of shape.

Through breast lifting one can improve the shape and achieve the desired breast size.

Under Which Anaesthesia Is This Procedure Performed?

This surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.

​What Is The Recovery Time For This Surgery?

It takes around 3-6 weeks to completely recover from this surgery. Through this time a corset will be provided to you by SALUSS which you will be wearing throughout these weeks.

​How Long Does The Surgery Takes?

The surgery can take from around 2-4 hours depending on whar size and volume you desire.

​How Long To Stay In Turkey?

For this surgey our surgeons at SALUSS suggest to stay from 4-5 days in turkey.

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